ALTERITAS Strategy Fund

The ALTERITAS Strategy Fund allows investors to participate directly in SERMONT AM’s investment strategy. Our goal is to achieve long-term capital growth with balanced risk distribution and capital security.

In doing so, we focus on the right mix of equities, bonds, funds, countries and sectors that benefit from structural growth. 

We include quality companies that can generate a high free cash flow even in difficult times and achieve a high return on investment through lasting competitive advantages, regardless of the economic cycle. Our universe includes winners of transformation processes and sustainable quality improvers.

We pursue a long-term investment horizon, whereby short-term investment opportunities are used to increase performance. ESG criteria are included into our investment process. Currencies are only partially hedged and serve as an additional source of return. Comprehensive risk monitoring with quantitative support rounds off the fund.



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A company’s brain and spirit are its most valuable asset for long-term and sustained development in all wealth-related matters. To enable fast action, we see it as our duty to reach out to new inspirations so that we can share chances and opportunities with you, always right at the forefront. Requesting and clarifying facts for this purpose is part of our DNA.